Новый класс: чем интересна книга «Богатые русские: от олигархов к буржуазии»

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Австралийский [sic] социолог рассказала про «божью волю», давшую богатство российским олигархам

Австралийский социолог Элизабет Шимпфессль рассказала в опубликованном в Британии исследовании «Богатые русские: от олигархов к буржуазии» о том, как российские миллиардеры объясняют свое богатство, как собираются передавать по наследству и кому чувствуют себя обязанными. Интервью с исследователем вышло в Republic. 10/08/2018

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Reporting on Russian television

Most talk about censorship on Russian television misses the point. When it comes to reporting, loyalty takes precedence.

Since the onset of the Ukraine conflict, Russia’s main television channels have puzzled the world with their ability to convince viewers of stories which are diametrically opposed to those shown in the west. This situation is usually associated with propaganda, government control and censorship. If not censorship, then it must be at least self-censorship that muffles any voice critical of Putin’s activities in eastern Ukraine or new ideas of how to deal with gays in the country. But what if those who produce television news and programmes are happy just to go along with everything? Continue reading