Liam Halligan podcast: Lend Me Your Ear

Liam Halligan’s November 2018 “Lend Me Your Ear” with Elisabeth Schimpfossl – author of the fascinating book “Rich Russians: from Oligarchs to Bourgeoise” – an eye-catching study of the new Russian business elite that’s emerged since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Showing huge determination, Schimpfössl enticed dozens of so-called oligarchs and minigarchs to discuss their personal stories, how they acquired wealth, their views on Western culture – and the future of East-West relations.

“Schimpfössl’s book benefits from this long parade of interviews” says Foreign Affairs magazine, “which put a human face on her analysis”.

Her analysis is one of robber barons becoming gentlemen, of a rush to be seen as refined and bourgeoise, of “the man’s world” in post-Soviet Russia, but also of “powerful, unstoppable” Russian women.

Lend Me Your Ear | Liam Halligan Podcast

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Elisabeth Schimpfoessl

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My research focuses on elites, philanthropy and social inequality as well as questions around post-Socialist media and self-censorship. I did my PhD at the University of Manchester and taught at Liverpool University, Brunel and UCL before taking up my current post as Lecturer in Sociology and Policy at Aston University, Birmingham, UK. I live in London.