Nations between States along the Eastern EU Borders

From 2009 to 2011 I worked on the EU-funded FP7-SSH project ‘Interplay of European, National and Regional Identities’. I was a research fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna. My task was to coordinate the 11 project partners in writing their background reports and edit them.

Interplay of European, National and Regional Identities: Nations between States along the New Eastern Borders of the European Union: EU-FP7/SSH collaborative research project, 2008-2011

Final report:


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My research focuses on elites, philanthropy and social inequality as well as questions around post-Socialist media and self-censorship. I did my PhD at the University of Manchester and taught at Liverpool University, Brunel and UCL before taking up my current post as Lecturer in Sociology and Policy at Aston University, Birmingham, UK. I live in London.